Author: Shanutopia

Poetry? Goth Teen Much?

2016 has proven to be a difficult year (and it’s not even over yet). Work has been slow and unchallenging. I moved from a furnished flat to an unfurnished house and that took me a month.  Others dear to me have had some life trials: cancer, divorce, children with emotional issues, you name it. Oh all…

By Shanutopia September 23, 2016 0


I know you wanted To see yourself in me For me to be made in your image But I am not Did you know I wanted To see myself in you For you to know I am different from you But I am not We say harsh things We hurt with words Only because we…

By Shanutopia August 26, 2016 0


I used to be on a project team at work and our biggest challenge was tricking people to do things that would be in their best interest, like flossing or doing their taxes on time. Along with joking about something we liked to call “Shannon’s Plan for World Domination” (still just a plan, won’t be…

By Shanutopia February 5, 2016 0