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Book List: 50 Nonfiction Books + Some Additions

Lists of books are tricky for all the reasons one might expect: subjectivity, taste, culture, etc. The most common influence I see is time, as in ‘this year’, ‘the 21st century’, ‘the last 10 years’, and so on and so … Continue reading

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Books I’m Reading

Amazon knows how to hook you and keep you hooked. One day I noticed that it charged my credit card for Kindle Unlimited. I must have signed up for a trial or something, but I didn’t remember doing that as I’d not … Continue reading

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Things No One Wants to Hear Me Go On About Any More

Religion, atheism, how I can’t stand religion, we should end religion, tax the churches, religious people are hypocrites, there is no god, everything that is bad is religion Kids are not my thing, I don’t like kids, can you please … Continue reading

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