I know you wanted

To see yourself in me

For me to be made in your image

But I am not

Did you know I wanted

To see myself in you

For you to know I am different from you

But I am not

We say harsh things

We hurt with words

Only because we can’t

Hurt with harder things

I will not be like some

Who pin their failures on their genes

The nature and the nurture

Or lack of

I don’t want to regret the times

We have and haven’t spent together

The words we did or didn’t say

The hours we wished we had

I am of your image but not of your soul

We keep our own souls

Separating us as individuals

But from the same roots, over and over again

We turn these leaves over often enough

They break, we start again

The days come now where they hold stronger

And we’ll be each other till the end

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