Things No One Wants to Hear Me Go On About Any More

  1. Religion, atheism, how I can’t stand religion, we should end religion, tax the churches, religious people are hypocrites, there is no god, everything that is bad is religion
  2. Kids are not my thing, I don’t like kids, can you please keep your kids away from me, kids are noisy, kids do dumb things, I’m glad you like your kids, I’m so glad I didn’t have kids, you’re an idiot for having kids, everything that is bad is kids
  3. Conservatives and Republicans are the evil that walks amongst us, they are power-seeking nihilists, they aren’t conserving anything except their own money, they are trying to kill the planet and all the poor people, their greed is the cause of poverty in the world, everything that is bad is conservatives and republicans
  4. Plastic is polluting everything, no one cares about anything, the earth is dying, climate change is a man-made disaster, plastic trash will kill us all, yes I have a reusable coffee cup where is yours you cretin, we’re all going to die in a ball of fire and smog, everything that is bad is plastic
  5. My love of nice handbags
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